Hiking Trails in Nyeri

Mucharage Forest Trail, also known as Gatango or Gatangu Waterfalls Trail
Mucharage Forest Trail, also known as Gatango or Gatangu Waterfalls Trail

Nyeri is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Kenya. With lush forests, dramatic waterfalls, and stunning mountain views, these trails are perfect for anyone who loves nature and adventure. Nyeri is also home to various tourist destinations, including ancient villages, traditional markets, and awe-inspiring historic sites.

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of our favorite places to visit and things to do in Nyeri. From hiking, bird watching at Aberdares National Park, and Accommodation facilities to learning about the Kenyan struggle for independence. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful county. Hence, you can make the most of your time here.

Kihuri Forest Trail-Hiking Trails in Nyeri
Gatangu Waterfall Trail In Thuti Forest Block

Njigari Forest Trail

This is an18 Kilometres from the starting point. The trail ends at Zuti forest, Plant Nursery.Njigari Forest trail is in Othaya, Nyeri near Munyange Two Village. Njigari forest is part of southern Aberdares Block. Including the Kihuri forest, Gatangu forest, and Gura Forest, which Forms Zuti Forest. In detail, Zuti forest is known among the locals as a Thuti Forest. The white man coined the name since he couldn’t pronounce the name Thuti. Njigari Forest boats a beautiful trail with a forest rain cover and a Bamboo section. To list two significant Waterfalls and River Thuti, which flows down to Athi and Tana. Both rivers drain into the Indian Ocean. Significantly, the Waterfalls acted as a post office for Mau Mau Mau freedom fighters because of their exclusive location. Please check out our next forest bathing magic and Hiking Events to Njigari forest here

Kihuri Forest Trail-Hiking Trails in Nyeri
Mucharage Forest Trail in the Lager Thuti Forest

Kihuri Forest Trail-Hiking Trails in Nyeri

Kihuri forest lies in Othaya Nyeri County. Specifically, About 125km north of Nairobi city. Kihuri is part of the southern Aberdare National Park block. The hiking track commences at the Othaya treatment plant, the Kihuri water treatment plant. If you enjoy Jungle swimming and forest bathing, Kihuri is your place.

The Forest is an integral part of the water cycle. KihuriZuti, and Njigari forests make up a larger Aberdares Southern block with Gura Forest in its midst; all five form crucial “water towers” for Kenya’s population needs. Mt Elgon Mau Complex, with its abundant rainfall, supplies much-needed drinking water. At the same time, Cherangani Hills helps collect resources around Nakuru.

Gatangu Waterfalls & Forest Trail 
Gatangu Waterfalls as seen from a Distance

Gatangu Waterfalls & Forest Trail 

Notably, the Gatangu Waterfall hiking trail starts at Mucharage Karadi in mucharage village. Karandi is a local name for the Forest Guard outpost hence, the Mucharage Karandi starting point. This trail gets its name from one of the magical waterfalls of the Aberdare ranges. And one of the region’s biggest waterfalls; Gatangu Waterfalls. Also, Gatangu waterfalls are also known as Gatango waterfalls. Mucharage is one of the forest blocks. In brief, joins Mathioya, Kihuri, Thuti, and Njigari Forest blocks and Kihuri Forest. As a block, they form Zuti Forest, a section of Aberdares in the south. In particular, the locals popularly know it as Thuti Forest. The trail is 14.65 kilometers (9.1 miles) with an elevation of 2586 M (8484.252 ft). Kenya Wildlife Service manages the Forest alongside.

Gatangu Waterfalls & Forest Trail 
During a hike on Mucharge Forest Trail, this open area is reserved for Tree planting.

Gura Forest Trail- Hiking Trails in Nyeri

If you’re looking for a challenging trek, the Gura Forest Trail is perfect for you. This 28-kilometer trail starts at the Gura Forest office. As you walk this challenging but rewarding trail, you’ll be mesmerized by its beauty. Gradually follows cattle trails into the scenic flood plains. Uniquely, gumboots are the best to tackle this trail. The hike takes between 8-10 hours to complete. 

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Mount satima

Mount satima is another name for Le satima or Ol Donyo Le Satima. The name emanates from the Maasai dialect. Ol Donyo Le Satima translates to “mountain of the bull calf”. Firstly, it is the highest mountain in the Aberdare Range. Secondly, Mount Satima is the third highest mountain in Kenya. Thirdly, among the seven best moorland trails of Aberdares. Mount Satima is the most scenic trail in the Aberdare range. Check out our next Hiking Event to Mount Satima here

Mount Satima Hike
Dragons Teeth Aberdares, Mount Satima Aberdares

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