Mount Kenya Fitness Training Programme

Train with us; learn to be a climber… not just a client!!

Preparation and planning are paramount when looking toward a successful climb. Not only do we wish all our clients to successfully achieve their goals but a good standard of fitness will ensure you have fun doing so! This program is intentional to guide you through the skills and fitness training needed to successfully summit Mt Kenya’s third-highest peaks.

Hiking to lose weight or to summit as many peaks as you can is a good place to start. Sign up for this fitness training and use it the way you see best and modify it for your own purposes, but keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to be as physically prepared as you can possibly be for this adventure. Let’s Go!!!

Highlights & Description

Physical fitness should be approached in five key areas to ensure you are ready for Mount Kenya

  1. Cardiovascular Fitness

General fitness and strength cannot be realized by hiking only, engage your body in a lot of cardiovascular activities that will improve your general fitness. Human body Fitness is measured through aerobic capacity: this is the body’s ability to take in and use oxygen. Cardiovascular training is intended for conditioning your heart and lungs to deliver oxygen to your muscles.

Engage in these activities which include running, gym, cycling, swimming, and stepping staircase workout. The aerobic capacity improves with time; the best way is to ensure discipline

  1. Motor Fitness

This refers to endurance, energy management, strength, balance, agility, and flexibility. These are super factors towards building the ability to climb smoothly and efficiently on mountainous terrains. More guidance to share on our Whatsapp group

  1. Mental Conditioning; Psychological Preparedness

Positive thinking goes hand in hand with physical fitness; when your body is exhausted, you have only one thing left; mental strength. Mental conditioning helps you to coordinate the body and the mind to help keep the eyes on the prize Visualization is a powerful tool and needs to be trained. Your mind must believe that you can. More guidance to share on our Whatsapp group

  1. Get the Clothing Right

Your safety while on the mountain starts with the gear & Equipment. Get quality gears between now and the day of the climb. We are offering FREE consultations on gears & Equipment you need to have. All subscribers will enjoy a 30 % Discount on their Gear & Equipment if you shop from us. Discount only eligible to subscribers to this program

  1. Diet; Food & Drinks

Phase 1: Introduction to the Mount Kenya Fitness Program, Gears & Equipment

Phase 2: Fitness and acclimatization connection

All the other hikes under this category will focus on

  • Endurance; Improving Mountain Endurance
  • Strength: Focus is on improving total body strength, not only at better performance on the mountain but also on improving overall energy management
  • Fitness and acclimatization connection to ensure team members are focused on all the aspects of total fitness


There are different trekking routes up and down Mount Kenya. For this fitness program, we’ve chosen the most scenic and spectacular of them all – the Chogoria route. This route will take you through Lake Ellis, Lake Michaelson, Nithi Waterfalls, Mugi Hills, Giants Billiards Table Mountain, the Gate, Gorge Valley, The Temple, Hall Tarns, Point Lenana, and other features of Mt Kenya. We will climb for 4 Days and 3 Nights to allow the bodies to acclimatize and disharmonize properly.

Day 1: NAIROBI- CHOGORIA –LAKE ELLIS 9.8Km approx 4 hrs-6Hrs

Pick up in Nairobi Early Morning to depart to Chogoria Gate Mount Kenya. Trek starts at Chogoria gate 2950M ASL following the track through giant heather and forest through Chogoria Road Head where the path drops to cross a stream to Nithi falls. Here you will enjoy the magical roar of these Nithi falls, each drop gushing over the rocks. The views are amazing; the fall has a beautiful serenity pool at the bottom, veneer clear plunging down the mountain. Visit the Caves and The Gate Gorges as we exit the waterfall, to the lunch point

Proceed right, to Mugi Hills with magical views of Table Mountain, and descend down to Lake Ellis which will be our home for the Night. Nothing beats the feeling of spending a night just next to a lake and a night full of stars. This is already a special experience since not many get to spend a night on this lake. Lake Ellis lies at 3470m ASL. The visit to the aforementioned features helps the body to acclimatize gradually thus climbing with ease.

Briefing and debriefing

Meal Plan; Lunch & Dinner   

Highlights of Day 1 Trek

  • 8 Km Trek from Chogoria Gate, Meru Bandas to Lake Ellis
  • 600 M ASL Altitude Gain from Chogoria Gate to Mugi Hill
  • 520 M ASL Altitude Gain from Chogoria Gate via Mugi Hill to Lake Ellis
  • Lunch to be served at Road Head Picnic area
  • Dinner and overnight at Lake Ellis

DAY 2: LAKE ELLIS TO MINTOS CAMP (4,200m, 12km) App 4 hrs-6Hrs

Early start after breakfast to again follow well off the beaten track to follow a ridge up the mountain for about 3 hours to eventually join the tourist track on the normal Chogoria route at an altitude of about 4,100m. Breathe taking views over the Gorges Valley and back over towards Ithanguni and the Northern Moorlands. Lunch will be served here, before continuing for a further hour to the Mintos Hut area at 4200m and our night’s rest.

The Afternoon is spent relaxing at camp, though a 10-minute walk to visit Hall Tarns & the “Temple” is well worth the effort. This is a 150 meters vertical cliff that gets its name from the position visitors often adopt when peering over the edge – they look as if they are praying. After the walk, we will go back to the camp to relax ready for an early night to attempt the summit the next day.

Briefing and Debriefing

Meal Plan; Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Highlights of Day 2 Trek

  • 12 Km Trek from Lake Ellis to Camp Mintos
  • 600 M ASL Altitude Gain from Lake Ellis to Camp Mintos
  • Lunch to be served at Lake Michaelson Viewpoint Picnic area
  • Dinner and overnight at Camp Mintos


Predawn attempt of the summit starts at 0300hrs hiking for about three hours up to Point Lenana (4985m). If we are lucky to arrive at point Lenana on time and the weather is great we will enjoy magical sunset sunrise. Here magical views wait. Take a moment to enjoy the views, beyond the horizon and have a moment for yourself to reflect on how the journey has been before starting the journey to descend.

Breakfast to be served at Lake Michaelson, after breakfast a Trek round Lake Michaelson and later visit the Temple’s cave, you will be thrilled by how the formation of rocks is. There is the possibility of fishing at Lake Michaelson later in the afternoon if you have obtained the fishing license. How cool is that!

Dinner and overnight at Lake Michaelson

Meal Plan; Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Highlights of Day 3 Trek

  • 8 Km Trek from Mintos Camp to Point Lenana
  • 800 M ASL Altitude Gain from Mintos Camp to Point Lenana
  • 8 Km descent Trek from Point Lenana to Lake Michaelson
  • Lunch to be served at the eastern edge of Lake Michaelson
  • Dinner and overnight at Lake Michaelson


Breakfast, and start the journey to descend down. Lunch to be served on the way and then proceed down to Chogoria gate, connect with transport back to Nairobi

Meal Plan; Breakfast & Lunch 

Highlights of Day 4 Trek

  • 14 Km Trek from Lake Michaelson to Point Meru Bandas
  • Lunch to be served on the way
  • Travel back to Nairobi

Included in the Package

  • Transport to Mt Kenya & Back to NAIROBI
  • 6 Pre hikes are included in the total cost
  • Park Entry & Camping fee
  • Guides & Porters Services of Skilled Cook
  • Accommodation (Tent & Camping Mattress)

Excluded in the price

  • Travel Insurance
  • Anything else not mentioned in the inclusions above

Offers & Complimentary

  • Achievement Certificate
  • FREE Professional HD pictures during the climb
  • FREE HD Video of all the participants
  • FREE consultations on gears & Equipment
  • Subsidized hikes to enable you to train accordingly


To confirm a slot

Please make non-refundable Booking fees of Ksh 5000 to our Company Till No.812178 – Wild Springs Adventures

If you would like to do a Bank Transfer to mobile use 0729 257 317

Bank to a

bank transfer, please reach out to 0729 257 317 for details

Payment Plan

Payments plan

  1. Kshs 5000 deposit before 5th June 2021  to confirm  a slot in this Program
  2. Pay Kshs 9375 – First installment
  3. Pay Kshs 9375 – Second installment
  4. Pay Kshs 9375 – Third installment
  5. Pay Kshs 9375 – Last installment

Travel Insurance

Medical insurance is optional and hence it is not covered by us on this trip, please make arrangements to get one from the service providers of this service.


Before beginning any exercise program, consult with your doctor to ensure that you are in proper health. Physical training contains inherent risks including, but not limited to, muscle strains, tears, and physical and bodily injury up to and including death. This training program is not meant to provide medical advice; you should obtain medical advice from your private health care practitioner.

If you are unable to assume these risks then you should not engage in this training program. No liability is assumed by Wild Springs Adventures, its owners, or employees and you train at your own risk. Wild Springs Adventures makes no warranty, express or implied, of any kind in connection with this training program.