Mount Mtelo -the fifth highest mountain in Kenya

Hiking Mt Mtelo in West Pokot
Mount Mtelo, the fifth highest mountain in Kenya

Geographical Location of Mount Mtelo?

Mount Mtelo is the fifth-highest mountain in Kenya. Lies at North West Highlands of West Pokot County. About 503 Kilometres from Nairobi, Kenya’s Capital City. Approximately 120 km north of Kitale Town. Mt Mtelo is a haven for mountaineers, Bird watchers, and Nature Lovers.

The altitude of Mount Mtelo

Mt Mtelo peak straddles 3338 meters above sea level or 10,944 feet). To list this makes Mount Mtelo the fifth-highest mountain in Kenya. First, Mount Kenya takes the lead as the highest Mountain in Kenya at 5,199 m. Mount Elgon follows on the list as the Second Highest Mountain in Kenya with 4,321 m. Mount Satima 4001 M, a peak in the Aberdare range, the third highest mountain in Kenya, follows. Lastly, Cherang’any Hills, 3,530 m, is the closest neighbor to Mt Mtelo. Cherang’any Hills is the fourth highest mountain in Kenya

The sacred mountain of the Pokot

Mt Mtelo is not just a mountain to the Pokot People. Furthermore, it is a place of worship. The Community comes here during drought and prays for rain. The major social-economic activity around mt Mtelo is farming. Hence, rain is key to the Pokot community. For this significance, Mount Mtelo earns the title of the sacred mountain of the Pokot.

Hiking mount Mtelo 

Mt Mtelo is home to Nature lovers. In brief, Birdwatchers, Campers, and Mountaineers. Besides birdwatching and camping Hiking is the major activity in Mt Mtelo. Our Hiking package has all the details you need to know before you can visit. Explore our Trekking Package to The sacred mountain of the Pokot.

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