Hiking Mt Mtelo in West, the fifth highest mountain in Kenya Pokot

Mount Mtelo -the fifth highest mountain in Kenya

Mount Mtelo is the fifth-highest mountain in Kenya. Lies at North West Highlands of West Pokot County. About 503 Kilometres from Nairobi, Kenyas’ Capital City. Approximately 120 km north of Kitale Town. Mt Mtelo is a haven for mountaineers, Bird watchers, and Nature Lovers.

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Outdoor Adventures Calendar 2022

Our Outdoor Adventures Calendar 2022 is full of great adventures! Our outdoor adventures range from hiking trips, Safari Trips, Farm Tours, Roadtrips and camping gigs.  Hiking is a great way …

Mt Kalembwani Armchair Trek

Mt Kalembwani Armchair Trek

Mt. Kalembwani Armchair is a famous volcanic cone. Find out more about hiking Mt Kalembwani, Kiou, and Kayata Hills, in Kilome, Makueni County Kalembwani Armchair Location Mt. Kalembwani is a …

Sleeping Warrior & Ugali Hill

Sleeping Warrior & Ugali Hill Hike

Sleeping Warrior and Ugali Hills lie on the Kenyas Central Great Rift Valley floor. In particular Kikopey in Gilgil, Kenya. They are just two of the three mountains of Soysambu Conservancy. Notably, this is about 136 kilometers northwest of Nairobi. In the same way, about 25 kilometers southeast of Nakuru.

Hiking in Kenya

Hiking in Kenya | Best treks & Trails

Hiking in Kenya is an awe-inspiring experience. If you love hiking and nature, you’ll love exploring the best trails and treks in Kenya. Certainly, Kenya is a nature lover’s paradise. To list, limitless with awe-inspiring mountain ranges. Soaring mountains, pristine forests, and rushing rivers


Mount Kenya Trekking is an experience like no other. With its towering peaks and stunning views. It’s no wonder that this mountain is a popular destination for hikers worldwide. Before setting off on Mount Kenya Climb, you need to know a few things.